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Module Floor Plan-2
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Toolkit 1: Living
Toolkit 2: Sleeping
Toolkit 3: Sleeping
Toolkit 4: Outdoor
Site Plan


Kearny, NJ

The goal of this studio is to produce an adaptable housing module that can be vitalized in multiple locations, as an interpretation of the current affordable housing trend: re-using a module.  

This studio focuses on the “Corridor” as an architectural element that acts as a distribution device in the separation of buildings into multiple programmatic sets. 


This element was introduced in modern times and went through many transformations before becoming a distinctive component in every floor plan of recent times. During this transformation, the term "corridor" morphed into a functioning device, rather than an occupied space. The strict requirements compressed this phenom into a thin slit which acts as a movement channel and mechanical disposal.


Rather than treating this element like a functional device, this experiment tries to rediscover "the corridor" as habitable space, an experience by rethinking the way housing modules are designed. The goal is to integrate the main attributes of living into "the corridor", which will eventually give this term spatial value.

The housing module is composed of 4 toolkits, that directly respond to the needs of an occupant(living, sleeping, eating, working).

These toolkits are designed specifically to their needs, which will be later aggregated through a corridor typology. 



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