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Study Model-1
Study Model-2
Study Model-3
Study Model-4
Unit Floor Plan
Model Photo-1
Model Photo-2
Model Photo-3
Model Photo-4
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Public Space Diagram
Floor Plan


Roosevelt Island, NYC

As the first step of the exercise, a carved massing was made and the negative spaces from the massing model were extracted and analyzed as habitable space for a living environment.

The next step of the exploration is to speculate over the extracted space and test human inhabitation in these spaces.

​After developing an experimental test for the living environment, the next step of the exercise is to use the spacial conditions that were found them and use them in a more realistic scenario, designing a living unit for people, satisfying the necessary needs such as a kitchen, a living room, a bedroom and a bathroom.

After creating one unit, the next step is to create an alternative living community, where the habitants of the community share common spaces and interact with each-other on a daily basis.

Three scales of common community spaces: Habitants can interact in the open garden space in front of their doorstep, they can interact on the terrace as the living block, or in the central gardens they can interact as multiple living blocks.

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