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Roosevelt Island, NYC

The project is the design of a community clinic on Roosevelt Island, New York. The clinic will serve as healthcare primary facility that may accommodate community activities and some form of social gathering as a complementary program. 

​The design process began with an analysis and research on rhythmic patterns that can be interpreted as tessellations. Tessellations are being observed and the explanation of its order is later on being tested for opportunities of spacial relationships.


The next step of the exploration is under- standing the unit. After the exploration of the unit, a refined and proportional model is produced, creating a condition where single-height and double-height spaces were arranged in a particular way.


The habitation test pointed out the need for natural light, ventilation, functionality for the program and circulation between the quadrants. As a solution, the quadrants are now adapting to the square grid, the original pattern where it was first discovered.

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